Better is One Day…in New York City?

In late March, David and I sat down for one of those “what’s next” discussions.  The adventurer in me loves to talk about next steps.  My cautious and steady husband does not.  Our marriage chat took an unexpected turn when I bravely asked this life-altering question, “Honey, if we moved somewhere for your job, where would we go?”  He answered quickly, “New York City.  If I teach there, I will have taught in the three States that shape all curriculum for the United States and I will add ‘urban’ to my resume that already includes ‘suburban’ and ‘rural’ schools.”

Less than 48 hours later, David had made it through round one of the application process in NYC and within 10 days he had invitations to come interview.  Four weeks later we set off on an investigative vacation.  Even in that, God worked.  We spent five days in New York for less than $1000 including airfare and rested in an amazing apartment on Roosevelt Island overlooking mid-town Manhattan. In our five days, in one of the world’s most exciting cities, we met with a real estate broker, worshipped in one of my favorite churches, experienced the beauty of our global Nazarene family, got lost in East Harlem, ate crab cakes in Grand Central station, ordered cupcakes from an ATM, and began to master the subway.

And four interviews later, David got a job.

So, this summer my family will embark on an adventure more exciting than moving from Lubbock, Texas to San Diego, California.  We pack up June 29, live as vagabonds for a month, and then take on Manhattan.  We will sell almost everything we own as we downsize from 1600 square feet AND a garage to 1000 square and a stoop.  David will teach at HERO High and we have no idea where the kids will go to school or where I will work.

But we do know that “better is one day in His courts than thousands elsewhere.”  Better is one day in the concrete jungle of New York City than 1000s on the beaches of Coronado.  Better is one day in the wintery, frigid temperatures in the five boroughs than in the sunny February of Southern California.  Better is one day where ever God leads than 10,000 else where.

I learned that lesson watching David’s grandpa move from his home in the West Texas plains to the showy cowboy city of Dallas.  After growing up in Abernathy, he and Grandma made their home in those cotton patches for at least 60 years. People asked Grandpa, “Do you think you’ll like living in Dallas?”  I leaned into hear his response, “Yes.  It’s where God is leading us.  It will be perfect.”

O Grandpa.  I’m trusting you on this one.  San Diego to New York City?  Can we make it there?  Yes, but only because that’s exactly where God is leading the Cook family.  “Better is one day in His courts than thousands elsewhere.” (Psalm 84:10)

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