Mission New York — WANT TO JOIN US?!

We cannot deny it any longer.  We must embrace the call of God on our lives to New York City.  Ready?  WE’RE PLANTING A HOUSE CHURCH!!!

The story is this:  Real estate in Manhattan makes it almost impossible to start a traditional church, so we’re joining the vision of Bruce & Amy Barnard who came to New York two years ago with the vision of planting a house church in every neighborhood in Manhattan.  There are 39 neighborhoods.  Currently, Bruce and Amy host a house church on the Upper West Side.  On Easter 2016, we hope to launch the second Nazarene house church in the neighborhood of Hamilton Heights.  And we are very excited, and nervous, and scared to death, and CALLED.

It's Time
It’s Time

We can no longer deny that God brought our family here to be ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We believe this pre-war apartment building, at 75 Saint Nicholas Place, is the perfect place to do that.  We meet new people daily, new to the building, new to the neighborhood, and of course, new to us.  But not new to God.  We’re on a divine intersection and while we don’t have all the details worked out, we are moving forward.

The truth is that we should probably wait until we have this professionally designed website with coordinating logos and a mission statement perfectly crafted with catchy words and phrases.  But we don’t.  That will come as God provides.  In the meantime, we sure could use your help.

This is a little awkward, but here goes:

We need prayer support, graphic designers, and a celebrity chef.

We need pounds of pasta, a Christmas tree, and financial backers.

We need $2000/month to get things going OR  we need $2500/month so Beverly can give 100% of her efforts to relationship building.  IDEALLY, we’ll receive $3000/month so there are no worries at all and ministry can flow.

So, if you’d like to participate in any way for this new mission at 75 Saint Nicholas Place, Apt 5D, please email me.  God’s going to take care of this.  And it’s going to be so very exciting to watch His work.  Amen and Amen!

Here’s a quick guide on HOW YOU CAN HELP:

  • To contribute financially towards our $3000/mo goal go to:  Mission New York
  • To join our weekly prayer partners email me at beverlyrcook@gmail.com
  • To help with graphic design, web layout, social media, etc., email me at beverlyrcook@gmail.com

Finally, this begins a three-part series on the facts and funding of Hamilton Height House Church.  Up next:  Plan of Action: The launch countdown begins.  I’m so excited to share….!

2 thoughts on “Mission New York — WANT TO JOIN US?!

  1. Wow!!!!!! Congratulations……. starting big in NYC. May God bless your committment and bring in the funding you need to begin the work He has called you to. Dustee


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