MISSION NEW YORK: Hamilton Heights House Church Goals and Financial Target

IMG_1697The easiest part of sharing this dream is over.  Casting a vision and making plans come naturally to us.  We could talk a long time about we hope to accomplish, but it’s time to talk about the more uncomfortable part of making our dream into reality:  finances.

Below, you’ll find a three-tiered budget plan and a link to FAQs.  We’re on unchartered territory for us and we want make sure we are completely transparent about how and where we will spend your donations.  Remember three covenants as you consider giving:

  1. We will never know how much you give.  We know who gives so we can write you thank you notes.
  2. We will give away anything above our most basic needs and ministry investment, estimated at $50,000, to organizations fighting against human trafficking
  3. If and when Beverly finds full-time employment, we will need much less for ministry expenses only. (At the time of writing, she’s been called back for two more interviews, one at Macy’s Flagship store, (SO FUN!), and one at a Christian college in Manhattan.)

LAUNCH DATE: March 27, 2016

EASTER SUNDAY ATTENDANCE GOAL: 25 (not including our family)

FINANCIAL GOAL: We estimate we can do the bare minimum of this missional work for $2500/month. $3000/month ensures Beverly is able to give 100% of her time to relational, church planting and missional efforts. $4000/mo would be even better.

  1. 17% — Relational Activities (meals, events)
  2. 7% — marketing
  3. 76% — personnel (housing)

In the interest of accountability, HHHC will provide:
Monthly E-Newsletter to Include relational activities and financial statement

HHHC operates as a ministry of Mission New York, a 501C3 non-profit established as a ministry of the Metro New York District Church of the Nazarene. Mission NY and HHHC rely solely donations to fund ministry in Manhattan. All funds are contributed through this account. It is managed by a treasurer.

  • READY TO JOIN US?  GREAT!  Donate on-line here: HHHC DONATION

I cannot promise this is the last post about Mission NY and the Hamilton Heights House Church.  I can promise to keep you updated as we progress.  If you know me well, you know I live transparently and I don’t compartmentalize my life.  I don’t have a “work life” and a “family life” and a “spiritual life”  Life is just life and so my cell phone falling into the subway…..

2 thoughts on “MISSION NEW YORK: Hamilton Heights House Church Goals and Financial Target

  1. I feel blessed today after reading all your blogs. I will be praying for your house church start. I hope today is better for all of you. It was good to hear about your families journey as you settle in NYC.


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