The Elite 8 and Then Some

We thought you might enjoy an update to our prayer list.  The still-needed-desires-of-our-heart are in my personal favorite HAPPY color. 
The moment we began talking about moving to New York, butterflies took up residence in my belly.  Led to Psalm 119, I began every day praying through words of encouragement and promise.  Please know this, I’m not always a daily Bible reader, but I know when God wants me living in the pages of His story.  I also don’t set aside an hour a day at zero dark thirty to pray.  But again, when He leads me to raging waters, I lie down in green grass.

In the rich hope of Psalm 119 I found comfort, strength, courage, and a list of eight essential needs.  If you’d like, this is how you can pray with us.  I’ll let you know when God answers another one. Come along for the ride….it’s a good one!

1) A job for David. – DONE. HERO HIGH in the Bronx.

2) UPDATE — All of our kids seem to be doing well.  Keep praying.  Final goodbyes are just around the corner.  A school for Kori — and that at some point her heart, while broken and hurt, will be excited about the adventure ahead. (You can also add a soccer team while you are praying for her.  I’ve picked one out.  We just need there to be room on the team.)

3) UPDATE — David embarks on the trek to find housing this week.  (Yes, a husband is going without his wife.  That’s okay.  I totally trust him, I think.)  Pray for the most perfect place to call our home and raise our family.  Housing — We have an area we like to live in, and no, it’s not Central Park. We need 1000 square for $2500.  I would like 1200 square feet for $2500.  Yep…you read that right.

4) Storage — There are a few things we just can’t sell, but we don’t want to pay for storage  DONE!

5) Extended Family. – This is hard for our extended family, but they are coming around.  Our parents taught us to walk by faith and are starting to understand that we learned to walk by faith from them.  DONE!

6) UPDATE — We are so proud of this girl!  She has a summer job she LOVES and many friends to take good care of her.    Anna — She is quite concerned, and she will need a place to stay in San Diego from July 1- August 15ish.  Keep praying for her, but she does have a place to stay.  God opened up HUGE doors!

7) UPDATE — This is becoming more urgent.  The truth is, I don’t have any desire to work right now, so please pray for a rejuvenated spirit.  A job for me — I really only want to work part-time while my family gets settled and I have church all picked out.  (The best  We’ll see what God opens up.  I need to make $30,000-40,000/year.  How can I do that part-time?  Only God knows.

8) We had the most beautiful send-off.  God did something supernatural between us and Mission.  As my friend Susan says, “We are forever ingrained in the tapestry of our stories.”  We’re spending our last few days savoring our rich friendships. Favor from Mission Church — This is going to be so very painful.  Honestly, I can’t stop crying, but I know God will heal all of our hearts.   – This is painful, but everyone seems to have seen this coming. God has been preparing them, too.

That was the original eight.  Since then, I’ve added a few more and in the days to come, I’m sure the list will grow.  Still up for praying with us?  Please do!

9) We need a free place to stay in San Diego for the first two weeks in July so our kids can go to their camps. DONE!

10) UPDATE!  Done!  Thank you, Susan Orr.  Our dogs — We need wisdom on how to handle this move with Stella and Lizzie.  And, we need a place for them to stay 7/3-8/2.