Today’s Batting Average

The above image demonstrates what I meant when I said I was batting .500 on the Lenten discipline of writing Scripture.

The point of writing Scripture is to slow down, to consider each word, every phrase, every “dot and tittle.”  The goal of writing the words of inspiration is to allow them to percolate, to pour onto paper like syrup pouring over piping hot pancakes.  The words should come out slowly, and then melt into the small open pours of your soul, bringing sweetness to the crusty places of your mind and your emotions.  If you practice the discipline of writing Holy Scriptures well, somedays you’ll need a little extra syrup to finish your plate and the last bite will soak up every last bit of 100% God-Syrup left on the page.

But I don’t do slow.  I take pride in accomplishing my entire to-do list every day and I work really hard at keeping my inbox clean.  Furthermore, I promise I can find you the fastest and most efficient way to get from point A to point B, although I sometimes I miss the departure dates by a week or two.  I often need to remember to value people above programs and I would rather grow a garden of tomatoes than an orchard of oranges.

So writing Scripture, SLOWLY writing Scripture, is hard for me.  My mind drifts.  I am forced to pay attention to every detail and I have to follow the written word.  I can’t make my own path.  I can’t assume what comes next or let my eyes wander across the page.  And I can’t write more than I can digest in a day’s time.

So, I fail sometimes, even at the simple discipline of writing Scripture.

Here’s the good news….I can start over…exactly where I left off.

Now that’s something worse thinking about, starting over exactly where you left off.  That means I’m batting a thousand, if you do math, and baseball, with God.